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Croma TEST V2 SURFING Green screen test

After our filming experience of working with Publicis advertising agency, Edit1 and Linda Tv the Cuerda team decided to continue to experiment with the possibilities of Green screen. We made our own green screen studio, sketched out some story boards and thanks to Alfavisions amazing generosity we reproduced a professional filming studio. Constanza Martin director of photography and Maria Gowland, assistant director did a fabulous job. We would like to thank you both for you patience and generosity.

Performers: Adriana Louvet , Ariel Freiria , Agustin Alvarez , Agustina James , Claudio Gurpide , Joseph Traynor, Nathalie Carro, Omar altamirano , Simon Dimota , Simone Jenkinson , Tomas James

Equipo Tecnico: Simon Dimotta // Omar altamirano – Chupe

Special Effects y Make-up: Nathalie Carro – SCFXMAKE // DOP -Connie Martin // AD -Maria Gowland

Production: Agustina James
Speacil Thanks to: Chechu James & Roque Costa.