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Land of Giants Belfast

Mark Murphy invited Joseph and Simone to assist him during the rehearsals of the Land of Giants. The event was commissioned by the Legacy Trust UK, produced by the Land of Giants Productions and Walk the Plank. Other members of the professional team were Brigid Charlton, James Hewison, Cinthia Baranek, Michelle Man and Kelsey Lee Long.

18 000 people piled into the site and situated themselves on either side of the GIGANTIC 200m stage. It is impossible to to describe the adrenalin and the emotional charge we felt performing in the show. It was an outstanding success!!

Thank you Mark Murphy once again for giving us the opportunity to be part of
your epic vision.

Written, designed and directed by Mark Murphy.
Poetry and prose by Sinead Morrissey.
Music Nathaniel Reed.
Lights by Stephen Página.
Fire effects by Sammy Samkin.
Produced by John Wassell y Kathy Hayes.
Financed by the London Olympics 2012