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Shower of Chandeliers

Lluvia de arañas (shower of chandeliers)

This years Noche de Los Museos has been credited as the most successful to date. The show LLuvia de Arañas drew a crowd of almost twenty thousand people.
The show took place in and around the River Riachuelo, La Boca. A multidisciplinary project conceived and produced by visual artist Sigismond De Vajay, The project proposes a dialogue between the visual arts, the environment, sonorous art, music, lighting design and the public.

Technical and aerial rigging production by Cueda in collaboration with Toit du Monde, Buenos Aires Sonorà and the Programa Teatro Acústico of the National University of Quilmes (UNQ), directed by Oscar Edelstein. Special projects: Arte Sonoro y Sitios Específicos, directed by Martin Liut, Puesta Sonora and Technological Innovation, directed by Mariano Cures and Hernán Kerlleñevich and the Laboratory of Acoustics and Perception Sonora, directed by Manuel Eguía.